Saturday, June 2, 2012

How to Earn a Few Bucks Easily!

Here are some great ways to earn some extra $. I'm saving up for the holidays since obviously money will be very tight for us. Don't worry - if you aren't interested it won't hurt my feelings!

1. Jingit: This is a website and smartphone app. You can earn money by watching ads online and on your smartphone. You can also earn money for scanning specific items at Walmart (easy to do). Finally, there are special Jingit ads on the site and if you click on them, you can earn money as well. Some of these ads pay $1!!! I've earned over $25 in 5 weeks.

2. Superpoints: Website. This is AWESOME! You can earn "Superpoints" by clicking the Superpoints button. Free, of course. They make their money off of advertisements. My kids like to click the button for me, so it's even easier. Superpoints can be used to buy giftcards (I get the giftcards, but there are many options).

3. Swagbucks: Website and Android app (no iPhone app yet): I LOVE Swagbucks. I have earned $150 in the past 2 years of using this website. It's a search engine (like Google) except that you can randomly earn Swagbucks for your searches. There are several other ways to earn the Swagbucks (daily polls and more).

4. Checkpoints: Smartphone app. Explanation coming soon.

5. Shopkick: Smartphone app. Explanation coming soon.

Stay tuned - I'll keep adding things to this as time allows!!!!!

All of the things listed are my personal referral links, meaning that I am getting something if you sign up for any of these. Sometimes it's a few bucks, sometimes it's the opportunity for me to get more offers. I thought it was ethical of me to let you know this ahead of time. Of course, if you sign up and then get someone else to sign up under YOUR referral link, that's awesome for you!

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