Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Discount Gift Cards READ THIS!

This sounds too good to be true, but I promise it IS true and DOES work! 

People get gift cards and don't want them.  FACT.  There is a website called Plastic Jungle that will buy your unwanted gift cards from you.  But that's not the good part.

YOU can also buy these unwanted gift cards at a discount.  Sometimes a HUGE discount!  Like 20% off Old Navy gift cards.  In other words, a $50 gift card costs YOU $40.  The gift card is good for $50.

I try to buy everything with gift cards now.  WalMart gift cards are 2% off.  But hey, every little bit helps.  JC Penney gift cards are a whopping 33% off right now. 

Plastic Jungle did sell me a "bad" card once.  It had no money left on it.  I emailed them, gave them the card information, and they refunded my money within 2 days.  100% fantastic customer service.

Plastic Jungle is rated an A by the Better Business Bureau, the highest rating possible.  So they really are legit.

Feel free to ask me questions.  I have been using Plastic Jungle for a year now and am completely satisfied!!!!!

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